May 3, 2022

Woke to the tragic but not unexpected news of the Supreme Court draft threatening to take down Roe v. Wade. This, despite the fact that at least 70% of Americans are pro-choice. Such a ruling could eliminate other civil liberties such as gays right to marry. Will spend the day as usual, dodging the news and preserving my sanity. Am also continuing to work on increasing voter registration for the upcoming midterms. Considering worthy proposals that we can perhaps only dream of? The packing of the Supreme Court and the passage of the Women’s Health Protection Act.

In the meantime, Stanford nurses did manage to win a worthy contract after only one week on strike. This does demonstrate the power of collective action and this contract will surely pave the way for other nursing unions. Nurses, like many female dominated professions, provide the caring work that helps hold society together. If only such work were granted the same monetary compensation as wars and environmental destruction.

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Susan Casslan is a writer and a nurse. Her writing touches on spirituality and issues pertaining to social justice. Casslan lived for a decade in the San Francisco Inner Mission District, and she was greatly inspired by the Latinx culture of that neighborhood. The Inner Mission emerges in her books Conversations with Richard Purcell: The Adventures and Reflections of a Renegade San Francisco Priest and That Which Wavers with the Night, as well as in her chapbook 24th Street and Other Poems. Additionally, Casslan’s nonfiction articles have appeared in El Tecolote, an Inner Mission newspaper.

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