June 11, 2022

The January 6th Hearings have managed to pull me out of my recent avoidance of national news.  I was glued to the hearings, perhaps because the Democrats seem to be finally getting a hold of their messaging!  They, and the two token Republicans on the committee, have really pulled off quite a show!  Watching it made me wonder, “Will Americans finally get the message that truth matters?  That violence is not okay?”  We shall see, but the hearings did leave me with an iota of hope.

I’m back to diligently working on increasing voter registration for the 2022 election.  It baffles me that friends and family who seem to care about the state of this country, are not doing the same.  It is going to take a tsunami of voters to offset the voter suppression efforts that are now taking place.  We can’t simply vote.  We have to do more.

The voter registration work has certainly helped emotionally sustain me during the past several years.  I was speaking about this the other day to another volunteer.  She is an older woman who has done much to lift all of our spirits throughout Covid and the last presidential administration.  She has not only weathered these years along with us, she has experienced many personal tragedies in own life.

I asked her about her eternal optimism, especially in light of current events.  She said she can remain optimistic because she has witnessed the trajectory of history.  History she said, ebbs and flows.  The country experiences corruption and cruelty, but when good people keep up the struggle, justice and progress also take place.

In terms of her own life, this woman explained, “I celebrate the good times and when bad things happen, I remind myself that these trials won’t last forever.”

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Susan Casslan is a writer and a nurse. Her writing touches on spirituality and issues pertaining to social justice. Casslan lived for a decade in the San Francisco Inner Mission District, and she was greatly inspired by the Latinx culture of that neighborhood. The Inner Mission emerges in her books Conversations with Richard Purcell: The Adventures and Reflections of a Renegade San Francisco Priest and That Which Wavers with the Night, as well as in her chapbook 24th Street and Other Poems. Additionally, Casslan’s nonfiction articles have appeared in El Tecolote, an Inner Mission newspaper.

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