August 22, 2022

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Forest. 

If Yosemite is a sample of heaven, I want to go there.  To heaven that is, and to Yosemite while I’m still here on earth.  One becomes instantly cured of whatever ails us within 24 hours of this place.  In such pristine nature, our beings recall what they are meant to be.  And we recognize all the clutter and nonsense that gets tacked to us in the “civilized” world.

In that some sweet day when the dreams of a better society materialize – governments should mandate that all citizens routinely retreat to such beauty…and without the electronic devices that too many campers are inclined to bring along.  Silence itself should be mandated (although of course, soft talking and singing could be allowed).  Oh, what that would do for our collective sanity!

Sadly, only a dream.  And I can’t even dream that people will one day put down their phones on busses and trains or other public places. 

Silence should be revered as a precious commodity.  And yet we seem to be losing it, just as we are it just as we are losing wilderness such as this. 

Tenaya Lake

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Susan Casslan is a writer and a nurse. Her writing touches on spirituality and issues pertaining to social justice. Casslan lived for a decade in the San Francisco Inner Mission District, and she was greatly inspired by the Latinx culture of that neighborhood. The Inner Mission emerges in her books Conversations with Richard Purcell: The Adventures and Reflections of a Renegade San Francisco Priest and That Which Wavers with the Night, as well as in her chapbook 24th Street and Other Poems. Additionally, Casslan’s nonfiction articles have appeared in El Tecolote, an Inner Mission newspaper.

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