November 27, 2022

On this Thanksgiving I have much to be grateful for.  For one thing, I have returned to the rural Midwestern home of my birth.  I am celebrating the holiday with a large extended family in traditional Thanksgiving stye.  I am also able to experience the stunning beauty of November in the North Woods.  Alas, I would be enjoying these woods much more if it wasn’t deer hunting season.  Thus, when enjoying the outdoors, I am confined to certain hunting restricted parks.

I have been watching two impressive films on Showtime – both series.  One: Spector about the life of Phil Spector and Gossip, a series on the disturbing, yet interesting history of tabloid journalism. 

What I really have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving is the ability to hike. I have been hiking much further in recent days. It appears that my knee may be still healing after all this time.

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Susan Casslan is a writer and a nurse. Her writing touches on spirituality and issues pertaining to social justice. Casslan lived for a decade in the San Francisco Inner Mission District, and she was greatly inspired by the Latinx culture of that neighborhood. The Inner Mission emerges in her books Conversations with Richard Purcell: The Adventures and Reflections of a Renegade San Francisco Priest and That Which Wavers with the Night, as well as in her chapbook 24th Street and Other Poems. Additionally, Casslan’s nonfiction articles have appeared in El Tecolote, an Inner Mission newspaper.

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