January 3, 2023

Like so many others, I’ve been distracted over the holidays.  Overall, they’ve been wonderful distractions – even though some involved family.  Families (like Christmas) come with fun and love but they also come with trials.  In any event, I’m glad the holidays are over.  And overall, I must say, that for the most part, I had a pleasant and relaxing time.

One way I relaxed was by watching movies.  I would recommend all below, categorized with their streaming service:


Mamma’s Boy: (Documentary) The extraordinary life story of the man who wrote the screenplay to the film Milk.

Calling Miss Cleo: (Documentary) The remarkable tale of a 90’s TV psychic.

Rich and Shameless: (Documentary).  True stories of the rich and shameless.

The Plot Against America (Drama series).  Based on the book by Philip Roth, this series speculates what would happen to the United States if Charles Lindbergh was elected president in 1940.  The story is so apropos for the present date, even though Roth published the book in 2004.  For one thing, since the 2016 election, many feel we may be sliding down the frightening trajectory that the movie portrays.  Also, it is coincidental that I am watching this film while listening to Rachel Maddow’s Ultra, which discusses the US dangling toward fascism before and during World War II.

Truthfully, I am drawn to documentaries and real-life dramas.  I seldom watch comedy, but for comedy lovers, HBO’s White Lotus and Somebody Somewhere are pretty well done.

One film that really made me laugh was We’re Here – the true-life recording of Drag Queens setting up shop in red state Middle Americans towns.  The performers display talent, humor and amazing array of costumes.  That in itself is entertaining, but the film also draws you in with heart-warming stories of people coming together and having a blast in these troubling and divided times.

In watching the series I’m realizing that most ordinary people do not want to hate.  It is however political and religious leaders that propagate hatred.


Toni Morrison: The Pieces I am (Documentary).  A beautifully filmed biography of Toni Morrison

I was just leafing through Amazon Prime and uncovered a while list of films I’d recommend.  Maybe for another time.

It’s been dreadfully cold and stormy.  We all miss the sun, but are grateful for the rain.

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Susan Casslan is a writer and a nurse. Her writing touches on spirituality and issues pertaining to social justice. Casslan lived for a decade in the San Francisco Inner Mission District, and she was greatly inspired by the Latinx culture of that neighborhood. The Inner Mission emerges in her books Conversations with Richard Purcell: The Adventures and Reflections of a Renegade San Francisco Priest and That Which Wavers with the Night, as well as in her chapbook 24th Street and Other Poems. Additionally, Casslan’s nonfiction articles have appeared in El Tecolote, an Inner Mission newspaper.

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