July 23, 2022

I just purchased my third mountain bike in less than a year.  Having just gotten into the sport, understanding what bike works for me has been a learning curve.  Fortunately, my first two bikes were used and not that expensive.  I bought them both at Community Bikes in Santa Rosa. A non-profit cooperative, Community BikesContinue reading “July 23, 2022”

June 8, 2022

I recently watched The Assassination and Mrs. Paine on Amazon Prime.  The documentary was well done, and although it did not present any conclusions about Ruth Paine’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination, it did reignite my previous interest in the assassination theories.  That film also prompted me to view Oliver Stone’s documentary JFK Revisited: ThroughContinue reading “June 8, 2022”

July 2, 2022

I don’t think I have ever so appreciated summer.  Knowing that its beauty and this time we share with loved ones is only temporary… peaks the joy of this experience. Some loved ones have been torn apart by the polarity in this country.  I remember reading about the Civil War when “brother fought brother.”   IContinue reading “July 2, 2022”


I have finally found the time, courage and inspiration to start writing this blog.  Many things have hung me up and made me drag my feet.  One of the biggest was WordPress itself.  If you are new to blogs and websites you should go with an easier brand.  I am baffled by how difficult bloggingContinue reading “Introduction”


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