November 29, 2022

I have had a glorious two weeks in the Wisconsin northern woods.  The weather for the most part has been warm (into the 40s and 50s) and sunny, and my knee has been able to tolerate longer and longer hikes. Before leaving California, I had an ozone injection into my knee.   Without known adverse sideContinue reading “November 29, 2022”

November 27, 2022

On this Thanksgiving I have much to be grateful for.  For one thing, I have returned to the rural Midwestern home of my birth.  I am celebrating the holiday with a large extended family in traditional Thanksgiving stye.  I am also able to experience the stunning beauty of November in the North Woods.  Alas, IContinue reading “November 27, 2022”

November 18, 2022

Well, I have finally joined the many thousands of people who have contracted Covid.  It manifested as a bad cold that lasted about a week.  I think we are all letting our guard down too early.  We are not over this yet, but undoubtedly impossible to get people to put their masks back on.  IContinue reading “November 18, 2022”

October 30, 2022

Over the weekend people were celebrating the coming of Halloween and All Saints Day. There is much partying and fun. We also celebrate the coming of cooler days and the lovely fall foliage. Northern California does have an autumn, although it is subtle and slow. The election is on everyone’s mind. At least everyone IContinue reading “October 30, 2022”


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