That Which Wavers with the Night

That Which Wavers with the Night is a is a suspense novel situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. The story focuses on a nurse who accidentally discovers a document in a patient’s room. Therein ensues a winding journey which reveals murder, corruption, and a flawed healthcare system. The story especially takes an unflinching look at the expanding gap in the US between the haves and haves nots.

That Which Wavers with the Night is not a gay novel. However, Casslan does illustrate how LGBTQ characters can easily blend in with the fabric of society, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. The novel touches on other issues such as alcohol recovery, political activism, immigration rights and environmental pollution. This is a human story about intersecting individual lives – with wider implications for us all and for the planet.

“In simple straightforward language, Casslan weaves of greed, injustice, and other human issues, both contemporary and timeless. Yet her book is also a fun read and a good old fashioned mystery.” Marian Sanders – Former President of the San Francisco Bay Area Travel Writers Association.

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